Ryan McGuireI am an IP and systems engineer with a broad range of experience serving the telecommunications, network security / design, and dynamic web development markets. I have in-depth knowledge of Unix (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), BSD, and Linux operating systems with specialties in system design, integration, penetration testing, and development.

I also have advanced experience in wire-level analysis, troubleshooting, RFC compliance, and inter-interoperability testing in multiple protocols such as SIP, SNMP, SMTP, HTTP and SOAP/XML-RPC with a working knowledge of telephony signaling protocols such as ISDN and ISUP.

I am well-versed and experienced in Perl and Python with extensive experience in web application development in PHP / MySQL / XML / AJAX with great detail and attention paid to standards adherence and efficient coding design using the M-V-C model.

 If you would like to contact me, my information is in the contact form of this page. Thank you for visiting RDMNetworks.com!



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A picture is worth 1000 words. PLEASE start using a good browser! This is the result of an acid test on Opera, Firefox, Konqueror, and last AND DEFINITELY least, Internet Explorer.


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